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 Eggless Chocolate Walnut Brownie Recipe :

 There are many such dishes which give great peace to the food when it is baked and it has chocolate inside and is sweet, I am talking about chocolate brownie Chocolate brownies are very fun to eat even if it contains Walnuts have been added or not, but Brownie (Walnut Brownie Recipe Without Egg in Hindi, How to make Brownie) is such a dessert that everyone likes it, people can eat it anywhere comfortable, today's my diss is chocolate brownie which I I will tell you how to make brownie in a pan (Eggless Chocolate Walnut Brownie Without Oven) Recipe) we are telling you.

 What is Chocolate Brownie like and how to eat it?

 What is Chocolate Brownie called (How it is, how it is eaten)( Eggless Chocolate Walnut Brownie Without Oven Recipe in Hindi ) All this we are going to tell you Chocolate Brownie is a breaker's baked food item which people It is often eaten, it is mostly made on Valentine's Day and it is served by applying chocolate serum or cream on it, it is made after baking but it is not spongy like a cake, so it is different from the cake. That's why brownies can never be called cakes.

 How to make Chocolate Brownie at Home (Eggless Healthy Chocolate Walnut Brownie Recipe) :-

 How to make Chocolate Brownie at Home (What is Brownie?) That water will not touch the bottom of the upper pot, just the upper pot will cook whatever is in it through the medium of steam.

 Quantity enough for 5 logos

 Preparation time - 10 minutes

  •  Cooking time - 25 minutes
  •  Ingredient For Walnut Chocolate Brownie Recipe
  •  Chocolate 170 g
  •  Butter 100 grams
  •  sugar 300 grams
  •  Curd 250 grams
  •  Vanilla Essence 2 tsp
  •  All purpose flour 125 grams
  •  Baking Powder (1 tsp)
  •  Cocoa Powder (3 tsp)

 How to make Chocolate Brownie like Market (Chocolate Brownie Recipe in Hindi) :-

  To make Walnut Brownie Recipe, Eggless, we will first take a double boiler pot and keep the vessel below it on the gas, to heat it by adding water, now we will put chocolate and butter in another vessel and we will put it in the vessel with the water being heated. We will put it on the top of the cake and while stirring the spoon, we will mix the chocolate and butter.

  Remember that we have to melt it by using a spoon, otherwise our chocolate will become very hot and it will also start burning, so keeping this in mind, you melt it with a spoon.

  When it melts well, after that we will turn off the gas and take out the vessel in which the chocolate is kept, our chocolate has melted completely, now we will put finely ground sugar inside this chocolate and mix it well. Will mix

  After this we will put curd in it, we are making eggless brownie, so we have used curd instead of eggs, if you do not want to use curd and want to use eggs, then you can use three eggs one after the other. Huh.

 After adding curd, we will mix it well and add vanilla essence to it and mix it now we will sieve the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder through a large sieve and put it in this mixture and mix it now all the ingredients We have to mix well.

 After this we will put dryfoot, we are putting Wlnat (walnut) in it, you can put your favorite dryfoot like almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts in its place and once again mix the batter well.

 After this we will take a wide tray and in it we will cover it well with butter paper and put this healthy walnut brownie in this tray, we will equalize it with a spoon and lift it with hands and tab it with our brownie. It will set well from the bottom as well.

 On the other side we will take a pan and keep it on the gas to heat it, we will put salt at the bottom of the pan, salt gives a good hit, now we will put a stand on top of the salt and keep the tray of brownie on this stand and cover it for 30 minutes Do it and let it cook in temperature.

 After the time is over, we will check the brownie whether it is cooked or not, we will take a knife and check it by pricking it when the knife comes out clean it means brownie is cooked and after that we turn off the gas now we have to do Cool the brownies well.

 You can also cool the brownie as normal, it would be better to keep it in the fridge to cool it for 2 hours, when it cools down well, then we will cut it with the help of a knife and serve it by pouring chocolate serum and walnuts on it. .

  Believe me, it is very tasty to eat, you can also serve Brownie Walnut secret with Chocolate by adding Icecream, it is very much liked by children as well as adults, our special restaurant style chocolate brownie without egg is ready.

 Tips And Trick for Chocolate Walnut Brownie Without Oven Recipe Hindi :-

 Whenever making brownies, keep in mind that brownie is not cake and cake is not brownie, that means brownie is not very spongy, it does not swell much, so we put brownie in a big tray or big pot, only one to one and a half inches of batter So that it becomes 2 inches of little flower.

 You can add your favorite nuts or dry fruits inside the chocolate brownie, or add a flavor like cardamom, clove or whatever else you like.

 Whenever the brownie is taken out after baking, it has to be kept to rest, it has to be kept to cool well, before cutting the brownie, it is kept in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours, then it is a perfect cut and it will come from anywhere. If it does not break even then take special care of this and therefore keep it on the fridge to cool down.

  Whenever we bake Brownie Without Oven Recipe in a kadhai, keep in mind that the temperature should not be too high, so we have to use a stand.

 After baking, the salt is very hot, so we have to touch it with our hands after cooling it well, if you have to bake any food item many times, then you can use this salt again and again, it comes in handy many times. .

 A good way to serve Walnut Brownie is that we can add chocolate serum to it or serve it by adding vanilla ice cream, children like it very much and it is very tasty to eat.

 Eggless Chocolate Walnut Brownie Without Oven Recipe, told by us And if you want to know about any new recipe which we have not told in our blog yet, then you can comment us, we will try our best to bring the recipe you have mentioned for you in our next block.

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