Quick and Haelthy Aam Panna Recipe | Easy way to make Aam Panna at home...

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 Quick and Haelthy Aam Panna Recipe| Easy way to make Aam Panna at home

 How To Make Aam Panna Recipe : I have brought you a new recipe made from mango in this recipe. Haelthy Aam Panna Recipe in Hindi,How to Make Aam Panna Recipe in Hindi The season is going on and in summer season mangoes are available in quantity so we will get mango for our aam panna easily. It is often drunk during summers.

 You already know that many types of recipes can be made from mango, but this recipe is not made from ripe mangoes, we will use raw and sour mangoes to make Aam Panna Recipe. Aam panna is very beneficial for our body. Is useful or provides coolness to our body and at the same time it also reduces the problem of our acidity (Keri ka Jholia method, Mango shikanji recipe, How to make mango shikanji) Mango juice preparation Will tell the method, raw mangoes are very useful for the body and it is also beneficial for pregnant women.

 Quantity 5 to 6 person

 Cooking time - 10 to 15 minutes

 Ingredients for Aam Panna Recipe

  •  Raw Mango (two big sizes)
  •   Salt (one teaspoon)
  •  Black pepper powder (half teaspoon)
  •   Black salt (half teaspoon)
  •   Water (3 large cups)
  •   Red chili powder( 2 tbsp)
  •  Cumin powder (1 tsp)
  •  Sugar (one teaspoon)

 Recipe for making Aam Panna (Quick and Haelthy Aam Panna Recipe) :-

 First of all, we will take the mango and cut the mango with the peel from all the sides and let the kernels remain as well.

 Now we will take a vessel and put all the mangoes in this vessel, now we will put two to three cups of water in it and keep it on the gas at medium temperature.

 Now we will add half a teaspoon of black pepper, one teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black salt, two teaspoons of red chili powder, one teaspoon of cumin powder and to maintain the taste of all the spices, we will put a teaspoon of sugar in it.

 By adding sugar, the whole test will be maintained and a good test will emerge, now we will close the lid and boil it well for 10 to 15 minutes.

 When all the mangoes are cooked well, then we will turn off the gas and keep it in a place to cool down.

 When the mango gravy cools down well, then we will take out the mango pulp from the mango peel and put it in a mixer jar and put the rest of the mango along with water in the mixer jar.

  We will take out the kernels from it and put a little read leaf in it, now we will grind it finely and transfer it to a big bowl, now our Aam Panna Recipe With Mint is ready.

 But now we do not drink it so thick, then we tell you about its plating, we will first take a glass for this and put four to five spoons of Aam Panna Recipe gravy in the glass and add mint to it for decoration. will put the leaves.

 Now we will put 2 to 3 ice cubes in it, now we will pour water from above in it, now it is ready, our perfect mango panna, you can make it like this at home and drink it anytime.

 While making mango shikanji, keep some things in mind:-

 To make How To Make Aam Panna at Home Recipe, we can make Aam Panna only by boiling mango, we use only raw mango for this.

 It is very important to put mint leaves in Aam Panna, in which a different taste comes of mint leaves.

 Aam panna is not drunk thick, it is drunk diluted.

 If you find the amount of salt in the mango page less, then you drink it by adding salt on top of it, it is up to your test.

  Remember, when you make aam panna, take out the mango kernels from the mixer jar or else the mixer jar may get spoiled and our aam panna will also get spoiled.

 Aam Panna Recipe Benefits in Hindi (Benefits of drinking Aam Panna) :-

 Mango contains anti-oxidant elements which protect the body from harmful substances.

 Eating mango does not cause untimely wrinkles on the face, it helps in maintaining the glow of the face.

 Vitamins are found in high amounts in mango, apart from this mango contains potassium, iron and nicotinic acid.

  Eating mango can reduce the risk of cervical cancer, eating mango is very beneficial for high blood pressure patients.

  By eating mango, weight can be increased rapidly, mango is helpful in strengthening the digestive system or removes diseases like indigestion and acidity.

 Raw mango makes new blood faster in the body, pregnant women must consume mango juice, which fulfills the lack of iron in the body.

 Quick and Haelthy Aam Panna Recipe told by us in Hindi If you want to know about any other new recipe from us, then you can tell us your new recipe through comment so that we can tell you about this recipe mentioned by you in our next block. Will try

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