Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe | best juice of your dopamine chemical

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Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe :

 Today we have brought a new type of compress for you in this recipe, we will tell you how to make Creamy Chocolate Pan Sake in this recipe and it is a brand new and fun recipe, it is very easy to prepare.  If you go, you must know that how much people of India like to eat paan after eating, without paan, people's food is not complete, that's why when you take Chocolate Paan Shake instead of paan, then you get paan.  You will forget the food, you will feel that we drink Chocolate Paan Shake after every meal.

 Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe (How to Make Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe at Home) (How to Make Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe at Home in Hindi)  We are telling the method of and it looks very tasty. Paan compress is also very good for our body and provides coolness to our body and after drinking it we feel very fresh, then we tell to make it.

Ingredients For Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe

  •  Bagla Paan (10 pieces)
  •  Gulkand (3 tsp)
  •  Fennel (1 tsp)
  •  Cardamom (3)
  •  Kewda water (1 tsp)
  •  Dry Coconut Bad (2 tsp)
  •  Candy Cherry (4 pieces)
  •  Vanilla Ice Cream (2 tsp)
  •  Green color (1 pinch)
  •  Milk (750 g)
  •  Chocolate Serum

  Recipe to make Creamy Chocolate Paan Bake at Home (Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe) :-

 To begin making Chocolate icecream Paan Shake recipe, we will first take a big mixing jar and put 8 to 10 betel leaves in the mixer jar by removing their stems and breaking them cleanly.

Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe | best juice of your dopamine chemical

 After this, add gulkand, cardamom, fennel, dry coconut churra, kewra water, small pieces of cherry and 2 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream.

 To make it a little green in color, we will add a pinch of food color to it and add 750 grams of milk and we will grind them all by putting them in a mixer jar.

  After grinding, our Chocolate Paan Shake is ready.

 Now we decorate it, we will use chocolate serum to decorate it, for this we will apply chocolate serum all around in a glass glass.

 Then put the compress in it, fill it completely, then decorate it with a small betel leaf and a cherry.

 Our creamy restaurant style chocolate Paan Shake is ready, you can drink it after eating and the enjoyment that comes after that will be very good.

 Some Precautions While Making Creamy Chocolate Pan Shake Recipe :-

 While making Chocolate Paan Shake, we have not used any sugar in it, if you find it lacking in sugar, then you can test it and add sugar to it.

 We have not added sugar in this because we have used ice cream and ice cream contains a lot of sugar, even if you do not use color in the creamy chocolate pan sec, it will work.

 I have used color to bring green color to the market style pan sek, adding this color does not bring any external test, it is a food colour.

 With this, you can make and drink it anytime, it is not necessary that drink it only after eating food, there is no harm in drinking Chocolate Paan Shake, on the contrary, it helps in keeping our stomach cool.

Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe | best juice of your dopamine chemical

 Chocolate Paan Shake Recipe: How did you like the recipe of making Creamy Chocolate Pan Sake at home, tell us if you are facing any problem while making it, then tell us and share with us if you have any other recipe.  If I want to know, then you can tell us by commenting.

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