Restaurant Style Dal Makhani Recipe at home


Restaurant Style Dal Makhani Recipe at home


Today we are going to tell you all about a new recipe and this recipe is Punjabi's special most liked Dal Makhani recipe Dal Makhani is very tasty and it is very tasty.  Dal Makhani is also very much liked, it is made by adding very black whole urad dal, kidney beans, lots of butter and cream and it is very easy to make.Oknews

 Dal Makhani Recipe at home

 How to make Dal Makhani at home exactly like restaurant (How to make Dal Makhani What is the easy way to make it recipe in hindi)  How to make, which is the easiest way to make Dal Makhani) (Easiest way to make Restaurant Style Dal Makhani, Homemade Dal Makhani Recipe at home) Dhaba Style Dal Makhani Recipe at home.

 Who started Dal Makhani?  Who made Dal Makhani?


 3 people are behind making Dal Makhani, these three were a friend, Kundan Lal Jaggi, Thakurdas Mangu, Kundanlal Gujarat These three used to work in Lahore, used to make roti, used to cook food and when there was a partition after that, they got separated after that somewhere.  All of a sudden these three got together at one place, all three of them thought together that why should we start our career with the work we had left earlier, then they opened a restaurant, the name of this restaurant was Moti Mahal and together these three made this pearl.  This Dal Makhani was started in the palace, which is liked by all of us till date.

 Easy way to make Dal Makhani (Homemade Dal Makhani in English Recipe):-

 How to make Dal Makhani?  (How To Make Dal Makhani Recipe in Hindi) To make Dal Makhani, first we have to soak black whole urad for 3 to 4 hours and at the same time we also have to soak the kidney beans, after that we will cook the rajma and lentils.  And after cooking, fry it with spices and make it, it will be ready in 3 to 4 steps.

Ingredients For Dal Makhani Recipe at Home

  •  Whole urad (1 bowl)
  •  Rajma (3 tbsp)
  •  Tomato puree ( 5 large sizes )
  •  Ginger Garlic Paste (1 tbsp)
  •  Butter (100 g)
  •  Kasturi Methi (1/2 tsp)
  •  Red chili powder (2 tsp)
  •  salt to taste
  •  Garlic ( 1 finely chopped )
  •  Cream (1 small bowl)

 Recipe to make restaurant-like dal makhani at home:-

 To make Dal Makhani, we have to first wash the whole dal thoroughly with water so that the black water on top of it comes out, after that we will keep it well soaked for the whole night or else you can soak it for 6 hours.  We have to keep Rajma wet too

 We have to put lentils and kidney beans together in a vessel to cook it by adding some water, we do not have to cook it in the cooker, otherwise its peel will be out, so we have to cook slowly in low temperature, put some salt in it.


 Now put another vessel on the other side and put butter in that vessel, when the butter melts, then we will put ginger garlic paste in it and fry it for 2 minutes, add red chilies to it and after that we add tomato puree to it.  Cook it well for 5 to 6 minutes and the gas will turn off.

 The dal is also done for about 20 minutes and pressing it with hand is pressing, now we will put this dal on top of our spices and along with spices, let the lentils and kidney beans cook, add salt according to taste.

 We have to cook all these well for 10 to 15 minutes at low temperature, now we will put ghee in a pan on the other hand, add garlic and fry it till it becomes light, after that add musk methi and one spoon red chili to this tempering.  Put it on top of your dal.

 Now in the dal we will put the remaining butter on top, after that let it cook when it thickens well, then we have to turn off the gas and our lentil makhani is ready, you can add one to two spoons in it from above.  Add cream and mix well with a spoon.

 Tips And Tricks For Restaurant Style Dal Makhani Recipe at home :-

 While making Dal Makhani, we have to keep in mind that we do not have to cook the dal too much, cooking too much will expose its skin and it will not be perfect.

 To make Dal Makhani, you boil the lentils directly in a vessel, you do not use a cooker for this, otherwise all its skin will come out and it will not taste good to eat, then always you cook it in an open vessel.

 While cooking the lentils and rajma, you must add salt to it, so that the salt will go well inside the rajma and lentils and its test will also come well.

 Butter is the most important thing in Dal Makhani, so don't skimp on adding butter, you can put a lot of butter in it, along with butter, you can also use Amul cream in it and use cream to decorate it.  You can do it from above.

 To make gravy, grind 5 to 6 tomatoes well in a mixer grinder and add it to the gravy and mix it with spices.

 Why do we add garlic while making dal makhani is there any special reason or is it added just to add flavor to the garlic?

 (Why we add garlic when making dal makhani Is there any specific reason or just to add garlic taste its been added)  Because adding garlic to dal makhani enhances its taste and at the same time it becomes very spicy, there is no special reason for this and at the same time you can make dal makhani without garlic and onion.

 Should we use standing urad for making dal makhani?

 Dal Makhani cannot be made from half urad dal because when we go to make dal makhani, all the skins of urad dal will be separated because when urad dal gets water in it, it will take out its skin and all the peels will come out from it.  To make Dal Makhani, we should have its peel inside it, so we use standing urad to make Dal Makhani.

 Dal Makhani can be eaten only when it is cold.

 Dal Makhani can also be eaten in winters because it is advised to eat spicy and spicy things during winters.

 How did you like this recipe, Restaurant Style Dal Makhani Recipe in Hindi, told by us, tell us by commenting and if you want to know about any new recipe from us, then you can tell us through the comment so that we can tell you the recipe for you.  Will try to bring it and if you are facing any problem while making the recipe mentioned by us, then you can tell us through comment.

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