Mango Milk Shake Smoothie Recipe | How to Make Market Style Mango Milk Sec Smoothie...


 Mango Milk Shake Smoothie Recipe |  How to Make Market Style Mango Milk Sec Smoothie

 Mango Milk Shake Smoothie Recipe: In this recipe, we will tell you how to make Mango Milk Shake Smoothie (Mango Milk Shake Recipe, Mango Juice Recipe, How to Make Mango Shake, Mango Shake Recipe) from mango at home.  And it is very easy to make mango shake, it is ready by making it in a jiffy.

 Market Style Mango Milk Shake Smoothie Recipe (Mango Milk Shake Smoothie Recipe in Hindi) Now-a-days you know how much mango is available in summer, so it becomes even easier for you to make it.  It is one of the very useful compresses for us to keep our body cool during the days and it provides coolness to our body and it has proved to be very useful for our health also we use milk in common compress.  And you know how beneficial milk is for our body, then we tell you to make different Mango Shake Recipe at home

 quantity for 3 person

 Cooking time - 15 minutes

 Ingredients For Mango milk Shake

  •  Mango (2 big size)
  •  Milk (1 cup)
  •  Cardamom Powder (2 pinches)
  •  Kevda water (1 tsp)
  •  Sugar (2 tsp)
  •  Cream (2 tsp)
  •  Cherry (1 Pish)
  •  Pistachio Chura (1 tsp)
  •  Snowflakes ( 3 )

 Mango Milk Shake Smoothie Recipe  :-

 First of all we will take the mango and peel it well after taking out its peel, take out all the pulp of the mango and collect it in a bowl.

 Now we will take a mixer jar and put mango pulp in the mixer jar, in this jar we will put a cup of cold milk, a little cardamom powder, a little kewra water, two spoons of sugar and some ice cubes.

 After grinding it, we will check it whether it is grinded well or not, if it is not, then once again put it in the mixer and grind it again and check it after grinding, it will become very thick and it will become very fun.  .

 Our Mango Milk Shake Smoothie is ready, now we decorate it, we will take a glass glass to decorate it and in the glass glass we will fill Mango Milk Shake, we will put two spoons of cream on top.

 Now we will garnish this cream with a cherry and put fistachio on top. Now our mango milkshake smoothie is ready, enjoy this cold-cold mango shake with malayi recipe and make and drink it for everyone at home.

  Tips to make Mango Milk Shake Recipe - Method :--

 Mango Milk Shake Smoothie with out icecream proves to be very beneficial for our body, so you must make it and drink it.

 In Mango Milk Shake Smoothie, I have used sweetener according to my test, if you like more sweet then you can add more sugar according to your choice.

  To drink it in summer, it feels as if you have come to heaven to make it colder and you can add ice cubes to it, I have not made it too cold.

 Mango Milk Shake Benefits (Benefits of drinking Mango Milk Shake) :-

 If you are a stomach patient, that is, if you have constipation, the digestive system is not correct, then mango shake also cures this problem of your stomach, due to the presence of fiber in it, but excessive consumption of mango compress can also cause stomach upset.

  Along with increasing weight, you also get a lot of energy, if you want to increase your weight, then mango will prove beneficial for you, in this nature is found in abundance of glucose, not only this, if there is sugar in mango shake and a glass is drunk, then it  Gives about 240 calories, while there are 171 calories from mango without sugar, if you want to increase weight, then after eating mango compress, drink it in the morning for breakfast.

 It is very beneficial for eyes too .

  Mango is also considered very useful for bringing glow to the skin, it converts vitamin A into such nutrients which helps in making the skin glowing along with protecting it from acne.

 How did you like the Mango Milk Shake Smoothie Recipe I told you to make Market Style Mango Milk Sake Smoothie, tell us by commenting and if you want to know about any other recipe, then you can tell us by commenting so that we can make our own for you.  Will do my best to bring that recipe to the next blog.

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