Ajio Sale Markstor Original Kimia Dates - 1Kg [500g x 2] - Pack of 2 offer - Fresh & Juicy Dates - Sugar-Free, Natural Sweetness

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Markstor – India's trusted name for top-quality dates. Upholding a natural food philosophy, we bring delicacies from the world over to Indian homes. Celebrated during Diwali, Ramzan, Baisakhi, Christmas, our products also make an enriching addition to daily meals. We aim to bring people closer through the universal language of flavor and quality. Embark on a culinary journey where quality meets affordability & unity blossoms through diversity.
1Kg – 2 boxes of 500+ grams each. Soft & Fresh Kimia Dates by Markstor. Each Kimia date fruit piece is individually checked and sorted to ensure that only the top-quality Kimia dates reach you. This makes our Kimia dates unique as hyigiene and authenticity is assured to you through meticulous sorting and packaging process.
Juicy Soft Dates; They Just Melt in the Mouth. Unlike most other Kimia dates, Markstor uses a high-quality 2-level packaging specially for Kimia dates. This include an inner food-grade polybag and an outer tamper-proof box.
Now our Kimia dates come with Markstor’s gurantee of replacement. Despite our best attempts to ensure that fine Kimia dates reach you, in rare conditions, usually due to rough handling during shipping, the delicate Kimia dates tend to get damaged. For a pleasant and hassle-free experience with Markstor dates, Markstor offers replacement for any issue with our Kimia Dates that may occur during shipping when the product reaches you.
Rich in Essential Vitamins & Minerals. Free from Cholesterol and Contains Negligible Fat.
100% Natural Contents: No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.

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