Patanjali dalia is made from good quality wheat. It can be made as both, sweet or salty. Patanjali dalia is perfect food for breakfast & contains natural proteins, vitamins and minerals, providing a wholesome meal to your entire family. It is a good source of dietary fiber and manganese. 

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Benefits : 

Patanjali Dalia passes through 22 mesh size sieve which make Patanjali Dalia more uniform in grain size, starchy and full of essential fiber.
It is helpful in constipation and pay a vital role to reduce body weight.
Good source of manganese is associated with strong bone formation.
Broken Wheat 

How to use : 

Boil 50 g patanjali dalia in 400 ml water. Add cut vegetables and salt to taste. Can also be made as a sweet recipe with milk.

Other Product Info : 

Best before-4 months from manufacturing date.
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